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Our users’ trust is of utmost importance to us, and StudyBee therefore take responsibility protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy set forth in this document explains how we collect and use information users enter into StudyBee web service, and how we protect the privacy of our users.

This Privacy Policy describes the processing of personal data carried out within the framework of StudyBee’s web service, a service offered as extension to the Google Chrome web browser, as website service and as mobile application ( “Web service”). This Privacy Policy only covers online services provided by StudyBee AB, with Swedish corporate identity number 556905-6525 ( “StudyBee” or “we”).

By accepting this Privacy Policy, an integral part of StudyBee’s Terms of Use, you agree that your personal data is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you can not accept our Privacy Policy or our other terms we ask you to refrain from using StudyBee’s web services.

1. Key concepts

Personal information is information directly or indirectly linked to a natural living person. Examples of personal information are names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Processing of personal data includes all handling of personal data, such as collection, recording and storage.

2. Information we collect

We collect information about you when you register an account and when you use our web services. To give you a clear picture of how we process data, we have divided the concept of Personal data into three categories based on how they are collected:

2.1 Information entered into StudyBee’s web service

This is defined as information you as user enter and save in StudyBee’s web service. Personal information in this category is characterized by what the user actively provide and enter into our database, when a user send messages to other users or give feedback through features created for feedback purposes.

2.2 Anonymous data collected when using StudyBee’s web service

When you use StudyBee’s web service, we record information about your use. This information is not linked to your or anyone else’s personal information. This anonymous information can be divided into the following categories:

2.2.1 Technical Information about devices and Internet connections

With the help of server logs and other tools, we record information about devices that are connected to our service and also how they are connected to StudyBee’s web service. This information include; which operating system, browser version, IP addresses, cookies and other unique device identification files.

2.2.2 Information on how StudyBee’s web service is used; User behavior

We gather user activity information anonymously from Users who are using our online services. This data is automatically registered in our data logs. The information may include how to scroll, click and navigate within our web services.

2.2.3 Location Information

When you use StudyBee’s webservice, we calculate your approximate geographic location based on your IP address. This data is then used to give you space for customized information. The information can also be used in the development of new products and services and to provide you with customized content.

3. Purpose – how do we use data?

We process personal information in order to use this data to improve our web service and to send information about StudyBee’s web service to our users. However, we do not share personal information with other companies, organizations or individuals in any cases other than to fulfill statutory obligations. We never allow public access to personal information. We use personal information in order to prevent and investigate misuse of our web service.

As for anonymous information that can not be linked to individuals, but based on statistical calculations of eg personal information, we process and share this information with other companies in order to (i) fulfill our contractual and legal obligations, (ii) provide and manage users’ access to web service, (iii) respond to customer service issues and perform error correction, (iv) improving the user experience, (v) analyze market trends and future demand, (vi) develop our web service.

4. Preventing, reducing and investigating abuse of StudyBee’s web service

We use Personal Information and our users’ identity, activities, and technical data to prevent, contain and investigate various forms of abuse of our webservice, and to prevent criminal activities. For example, we can with a user’s permission perform a check of the user’s identity. With abuse, we mean among other offenses such as fraud and threats, creation of fake profiles, sending marketing information, phishing scams, harassment, attempted illegal logging in to user accounts and other activities that are illegal or prohibited under our Terms of Use.

5. Storage of data

Your personal information will not be stored longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes of the processing as described in this Privacy Policy. Your personal information is made anonymous when they are no longer relevant for the purposes for which they were collected for.

6. Correction, blocking, and erasure

By writing to StudyBee with a letter marked “Data-extract” and enter the information you used when registering, you can free of charge once a year, get a record of data you have stored and how it’s used. You have the right at any time to request that we either corrects, blocks or erases your data in accordance with what is stated in the law.

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will regularly update this Privacy Policy to reflect any change in how we treat personal information. If we make changes, we will require your consent to our web service before you can continue using StudyBee’s web service.

This Privacy Policy was last Updated on April 20, 2017.

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