Data privacy

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1 Introduction

Studybee AB, corporate identity number 556905-6525, Djäkegatan 9, 211 35 Malmö (“The Company”), is a Swedish company registered in Sweden under Swedish law.

Your privacy is important to us and we therefore take responsibility for protecting it in accordance with this policy on the handling of personal information (the “Policy”), the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal information and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (the “data Protection Regulation”) and others at the time, applicable laws and regulations.

This Policy Declares (together with the Company Terms of Use (“Terms”) and other documents referred to) which personal information we collect from or about you or which you provide. The policy also explains how personal information may be used by us.

The company, acting as a data controller ( “Manager”), is responsible for the safe handling of your personal information processed in the web service Studybee and is offered in addition to Google Chrome ( “Web Service”). Your personal information is processed in order for the Company to offer Studybee to you as a user (“The Service”).

The “Responsible” is the company that determines the purpose of why your personal information is collected and handled. The Company is Responsible when you as a user register your personal information or when your personal information has been registered by someone else, such as your teacher, in the Web Service during a trial period or until your school chooses to subscribe to the Service by entering into an agreement with the Company. If your school chooses to enter into an agreement with the Company about the Service, then your school is responsible, and the Company becomes a so-called Personal information officer. A personal information officer is the company that helps Responsible to save and handle personal information. Thus, the Company is not responsible for managing your personal information in the Web Service, from the date your school enters into an agreement with the Company. The policy applies only during the time the Company is Responsible.

The company has designated Google Cloud Platform as a personal information management (“Assistant”), which, as an external party, will process personal information on behalf of the Company. The Assistant is the market leader in database security and personal information are stored within the EU.

As a Responsible, the Company processes your personal information. The processing means that we collect, store and, in some cases, perform other actions on your personal information. In order for us to be allowed to process your personal information, such treatment should be done in a lawful, accurate, safe and transparent way. The purpose of this Policy is to clearly describe and inform you about the treatment so that you will be aware of your rights.

Unless otherwise stated, the Policy does not apply to any additional information collected by us on or through a site other than through the Web Service. We ask you to read through the Policies carefully so that you understand how we treat and manage your personal information.

2. Processing of your personal information

The processing of your personal information will be done because your personal information is necessary to fulfill the agreement entered into between you and the Company by signing up and allowing you to use the Service.

The purpose of processing such personal information as is necessary for the performance of the agreement is to enable you to register / register as a user of the Web Service and to enable the Company to offer you the Service.

The purpose of processing the personal information that you consent to through a separate agreement for consent, is for you as a user to be able to use all the tools provided by the Web service and to increase user-friendliness and experience. Consent for such treatment of personal information is voluntary, see more about this in the Terms.

3. Sensitive personal information are not processed in the web service

Sensitive personal information is such data as reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership in trade unions, and personal information relating to health or sex life. Health information may include sick leave, pregnancy and doctor visits.

We do not process any sensitive personal information within the Service.

4. Information we collect about you

We collect all the information you provide to us through the Web Service, see below under item 5.

We also collect different types of information automatically from and to users of the Web service, such as analysis of the traffic flow in the web service. Such information includes; information that we collect when navigating in the Web Service, including but not limited to traffic flow, site, web blogs, browser information, IP addresses, and other communications data. personal information collected by cookies is processed in accordance with this Policy.

5. Information you provide to us

We collect information that you provide to us directly through the Webservice. Examples of such information are:

– first name,

– Last name,

– contact details (e-mail),

– Other information you have provided voluntarily to us via the free text field in the web service or on our website.

Some of our personal information is processed by us because of its necessity for us to deliver the Service to you as a user, such as first name, last name, e-mail address.

Other personal information is only handled by us if you explicitly consented to it by agreement. Examples of such personal information that you may consent to are; phone number, postal address. You will be given the opportunity to specifically consent to the processing of such personal information before any data is collected and saved by us. You may at any time withdraw your consent, edit incorrect personal information or deny profiling through cookies and the like. Your personal information will be deleted immediately and within one (1) month after you deleted your account, or withdrawn your consent for processing unless your personal information still meets a legitimate purpose for the Company for continued processing.

6. Use of information

We use the information we collect about you or that you provide to us for the following purposes:

– to provide you with information that you want from us,

– to answer questions or comments from you,

– for internal business development and for designing strategies,

– to evaluate how the Web Service is used and to present the Web Service and its content appropriately and effectively to you,

– to improve our service and to notify you of changes to the service,

– to fulfill our legal obligations,

– to complete the agreement with you or your school,

– to provide you with the information, products or services you request from us or which we believe may interest you when you expressly consent to being contacted by us for this purpose. Such consent may be revoked at any time by you.

We collect your personal information for specific purposes and we will not keep these longer than strictly necessary to fulfill these purposes unless we have a legal obligation to do so. See paragraph 2 above for the explicitly stated purposes of the treatment.

7. Your rights

GDPR entitles you to a number of rights when we process your personal information. The purpose of GDPR is to increase the protection of your personal information, and thereby your rights and freedoms. You are always entitled to clear information, and clear terms for processing your personal information. In case something is unclear in the Policy, Terms or other information you have received, please contact us at

You are entitled to receive the following information upon registration:

– Data Responsible: Studybee AB, Djäkegatan 9, 211 35 Malmö,,

– Data Protection Officer: Ted Möller,

– The purpose of processing such personal information as is necessary for the performance of the agreement is to enable you to register as a user in the Web Service and to enable the Company to offer you the Service,

– The purpose of processing the personal information that you consent to through a separate agreement for consent is that you as a user will be able to utilize all the tools provided by the Web service and to increase user-friendliness and experience. Consent for such treatment is entirely voluntary.

– Categories of recipients: Personal information may be transferred to recipients, see below in section 8,

– Your personal information will not be transferred to a country outside the European Union,

– Your personal information will only be stored as long as you are a registered user of the Company and will be deleted immediately and no later than one (1) month after the User deleted his account or withdrawn his consent for processing unless the personal information still meets a legitimate Purpose of the Company for continued treatment,

– You have the right to request access to and rectification or deletion of your personal information,

– You have the right to require a limitation on the processing of personal information or to object to the treatment,

– You have a right to data portability of all personal information processed due to Your consent (which means that your personal information can be moved to another Responsible if you want),

– In the event that you consent to the processing of your personal information, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and require the termination of the treatment,

– You have the right to complain about the processing of your personal information to the Data Inspectorate,

– Your personal information may be used for profiling, ie analysis of your behavior in the Web Service, in order for the Company to develop the Web Service to better fit it for your use. You may at any time require us to discontinue such profiling.

8. Release of information

We may disclose your personal information to the following third parties in order to provide and/or improve our products and services:

– Other companies with which the Company has concluded cooperation agreements with, and suppliers and/or service providers that we use to support our business.

– third parties that help us to offer or convey the Service and the Web Service. These third parties (eg, a partner) are not entitled to use the data for any purpose other than those specified by the Company. The Company will inform affected Users before such transfer of Personal Information takes place.

– The Company may share User Personal Information with third parties for promotional purposes, but only if User agrees to disclose Personal Information.

In addition to the above, we may disclose Personal Information to third parties to:

– follow a court decision/government decision or other legal obligations,

– enforce or apply our Terms of Service for the Web Service and other agreements, and

– protect rights, property or to safeguard the security of the company and its franchise company or other This includes exchanges of information with other companies and organizations in order to provide protection against fraud.

We continuously work to ensure the security of your personal information in the Web Service and strive for the Web Service and the Service to be completely secure without the possibility of leakage of personal information, such as through hacker attacks. We never allow public access to personal information. However, it is unfortunately not entirely safe to transfer information via the Internet or to the Web service. While we do our utmost to protect your personal information, we can not guarantee the security of the data you transmit to the Web Service.

9. Right to information and correction

You are entitled to request free information on which of your personal information we process and for what purpose. You also have the right to have incomplete or incorrect information corrected or deleted. To avail of any of these rights please contact us at

10. Security and storage

We have taken the organizational and technical security measures required to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, modification, and deletion. All communications to and from our database are encrypted with https to increase the protection of your personal privacy.

The Company stores all personal information processed by the Assistant in Ireland. Both the Company and the Assistant undertake not to disclose to third parties personal information stored in the Service. The confidentiality obligation applies as long as the information is available in the Service and the Company is Responsible. The user must comply with all data security rules announced by the Company. Personal information is stored no longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the processing as described in this Privacy Policy.

11. Changes to the Policy

All changes to this Policy will be published by us in the Web Service, together with information on when changes come into effect. If we make any major or significant changes to the Policy, we will notify you on the Web Service homepage or by email.

12. Contact information

Contact us at if you have any questions or comments regarding our Policy or our handling of personal information.


The EU has introduced a new regulatory framework for the processing of personal data that began to apply in the Member States on 25 May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will then supersede national laws on processing and storage of personal information. Broadly speaking, GDPR is introduced for the maintenance of human rights in the handling of personal information. We think this is good to strengthen the protection of personal information.

  • StudyBee has been aware of the General Data Protection Regulation since it was announced on April 2016. We have since had this in mind when constructing our system.
  • Our Personal Data Assistant Agreement, Terms of Use, and Customer License Agreement are compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation. In order to evaluate StudyBee, the head of your school must sign a Personal Data Assistant Agreement with StudyBee. The same Personal Data Assistant Agreement is also valid under the License Agreement after becoming a customer.
  • We have documented processes for preventive security issues and personal data incidents.
  • StudyBee is built with “Privacy as design” in mind and thus provides very good protection.
  • We have a Data Protection Officer registered with the Data Inspectorate that ensures that all items in theGeneral Data Protection Regulation are dealt with.

User agreement

Terms of Use

1. Terms of Use, Conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions ( “Terms”) govern the use of the web service StudyBee in the United Kingdom (together called “web service” and “User”), and who now or in the future is owned and operated by StudyBee AB ( “StudyBee”), a Swedish company.

1.2 These Terms of Use apply to any and all use of the web service StudyBee within the United Kingdom. The user becomes bound by this Terms of Use by clicking the “Accept Terms of Use” in StudyBee’s installation process.

1.3 StudyBee reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use. StudyBee will notify the user if changes are made by posting such information on StudyBee’s web service, on StudyBee’s website or through other appropriate means. Changes in personal data management that are required by StudyBee web service, are sent to a User’s specified email or through a pop-up when the service is started. If the User goes on and uses the service after this, the user has accepted the changes.

  1. Usage and availability

2.1 Subject to the user to fully comply with these Terms of Use and, unless otherwise specified in these terms, StudyBee grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to use and demonstrate the StudyBee’s web service and the material presented within this service.

2.2 The User may not modify, publish, transmit, distribute, display, or in other ways participate in the transfer of usage or sale, further develop or otherwise commercialize StudyBee’s web service (for example, in printed form or on any other website or computer), either in whole or in part, any of the content of StudyBee’s web service without having first obtained StudyBee’s written consent. The user has no ownership rights to material downloaded from the web service, except the user’s own personal information.

2.3 StudyBee is entitled to, at its sole discretion, order the evaluating User to terminate the web service without this being liable for any damages. StudyBee owns the right, in its sole discretion, to notify the User, modify or modify the web service in such a way that it does not conflict with the Personal Data Assistant Agreement agreement StudyBee has with the evaluating User, without giving rise to any damages.

  1. User obligations

3.2 The User undertakes to provide StudyBee with the correct and complete information required for registration regarding name, e-mail address, school. The User undertakes to ensure that such information and other information provided by the User with StudyBee is updated continuously to ensure that they are accurate and current. The user also undertakes not to create a false or misleading identity on the web service instead of his / her own.

3.3 If StudyBee cancels or suspends the user’s account, the user agrees not to register again on the web service with the use of a different name or in any other way. If StudyBee has reason to believe that the user account already has been repealed, then StudyBee reserves the right without notifying the user thereof, to terminate any new accounts that the user registers. StudyBee reserves the right to use other procedures to prevent such re-registration in accordance with these Terms of Use, or the law.

3.4 The user undertakes to immediately notify StudyBee if the user becomes aware of, or suspect, that someone other than the user has access to the user’s account.

3.5 The User agrees not to transmit any material to StudyBee’s web service that can contain viruses or other malware that can limit or break the functionality of the software and/or hardware. The user is liable for and shall reimburse StudyBee for any claims made against StudyBee as a result of the user’s intentional or grossly negligent failure to comply with this obligation.

  1. Termination

4.1 If the user uses a free version of StudyBee’s web service, StudyBee reserves the right to limit or suspend the user’s access to StudyBee’s web service, without notifying the user.

4.2 StudyBee is entitled to immediately turn off the Evaluating User’s User Account, thereby blocking the User’s access to such information and such files and to the Web Service if: The User at any time fails to comply with these Terms of Service, or in particular if the User specifies information that is false, incorrect or incomplete or if StudyBee on reasonable grounds has reason to suspect that is the case.

  1. Privacy

5.1 StudyBee is a prerequisite for protecting the User’s integrity and security. All personal data collected by StudyBee from the User will be processed according to StudyBee’s Personal Data Assistant Agreement with the User.

  1. Regarding information entered into StudyBee web service by user

6.1 Parts of the information submitted by the User to the web service are processed by StudyBee in accordance with the Personal Data Assistant Agreement we established with the User.

6.2 StudyBee AB investigates all complaints of inappropriate material entered into our web services such as racist and illegal material or material that violates copyright laws. StudyBee reserves the right to remove any material that violates applicable law or the Personal Data Assistant Agreement we have established with the User.

  1. Links, products, and services from third party web services

7.1 These Terms of Use only apply when using StudyBee’s extensions to Google Chrome. The Terms of Use are not applicable to other web pages or services owned or operated by any other physical or legal person. StudyBee or third parties may provide links to other websites, web applications, and other sources of information than StudyBee web service. StudyBee is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or sources of information and StudyBee AB is not responsible or liable for damages caused by material on or from such websites, web applications or information sources.

7.2 The user may from time to time by offered to order products or services from third parties through StudyBee web service. All transactions and affairs relating to products and services between the User and third parties are solely between User and such third party.

  1. Data Warranty and backup

8.1 StudyBee does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the web service and can not be held responsible for interruptions in the availability or failure of web service caused by events beyond the control of StudyBee AB. StudyBee is not responsible for any loss of data due to events beyond StudyBees control.

8.2 All data that is removed from or altered by User in StudyBees web service is stored on our backup servers for at least 7 days. After 7 days, data can not be restored. The user may at any time within this 7 day period contact StudyBee to restore altered or deleted data. A user can at any time contact StudyBee to permanently delete data User entered within the 7-day period.

8.4 All data communication in StudyBee web service is done with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https). To gain access to StudyBee user must also log in via Google Classrooms API. All data communication to and from the user’s computer is encrypted with https.

  1. Limitation of Liability for non-paying users

9.1 StudyBee is not responsible for loss, damages or other consequence that may affect the User due to delayed, damaged or corrupted data, interruptions, undelivered data, incorrectly delivered data or similar events.

  1. Transfer of ownership

10.1 StudyBee may transfer ownership of all or parts of StudyBee’s web service to third parties, in which case the User will be informed in good time and get the opportunity to cancel User’s account on StudyBee web service.

  1. Disclaimer regarding the web service functions

11.1 StudyBee web service is intended to help the user in teaching and learning processes. StudyBee is no educational organization and its staff can not give user councils in educational assessment processes. No functions on the web service shall be deemed to constitute such advice.

  1. Paying users

12.1 Evaluating User can become a customer at StudyBee at any time. If the User does not become a customer at StudyBee during or after the evaluation period, the User may not access certain products, offers, features, or resources on the web service.

  1. Copyrights and Trademarks

13.1 The User acknowledge that StudyBee web service contains material which is owned by StudyBee, that this material is protected as intellectual property through copyright, database right, patent, trademark and/or other proprietary rights.

13.2 All material produced by StudyBee is protected by copyright under Swedish copyright law (and, if applicable, similar foreign law) and StudyBee owns (or has been licensed to) the copyright of such content.

13.3 All trademarks on the web service of their respective owners. StudyBee’s company name and the registered trademark owned by StudyBee AB, along with possible other brands represented on the web service. StudyBee business partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors, contract partners and other third parties may also have additional proprietary rights to the material on the Web service.

  1. Other

14.1 These Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Consumer Services Act and general principles of contract law. Disputes arising from the User’s use of StudyBee web service shall be settled in a United Kingdom court.

14.2 If any provision of these Terms is illegal, invalid or otherwise become inoperative such provision shall be considered as separate from all other provisions, and such separation shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. In such case, the invalid provision shall be replaced with a valid provision which the parties would have agreed to achieve the same results, both financially and otherwise.

14.3 These Terms of Use, together with StudyBee’s Personal Data Assistant Agreement, StudyBee’s License Agreement (if applicable) constitute the complete agreement between the User and StudyBee. If the User chooses to register as a paying user on StudyBee’s web service and there is any contradiction between the content of these Terms of Use and the content of StudyBee Purchase Agreement, StudyBee’s Purchase Agreement shall take precedence.