Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription and agreements

Who can use StudyBee?

StudyBee is available to all teachers and students using Google Classroom.

Who can subscribe?

All educators and students using Google Classroom can use and subscribe to StudyBee. Usually, organizations conducting educational activities sign for subscription, such as schools, municipalities, and companies.

What does StudyBee cost?

Google Classroom is free for schools using Google Apps for Education. In combination with StudyBee, the educators get an excellent platform to manage daily assessment work. For information on current price, see our price page.

How long is the subscription term?

StudyBee subscription can be terminated with one month’s notice.

Handling of data and security

Where does StudyBee store data?

StudyBee stores all data on Amazon AWS viral servers within the EU. No data is stored with Google.

Does StudyBee own the data I enter into StudyBee?

No. All data entered into StudyBee’s database is owned by the user who put it there. We only retain this information as long as you ask us to.

Does StudyBee sell data to third parties?

No. We do not sell information put into StudyBee database by our users, to third parties and we do not share personal information with third parties.

Will there appear ads in StudyBee?

There is no advertising in StudyBee. Information entered into StudyBee is never used for advertising purposes or given to marketing companies.

Is StudyBee secure?

We have good relationships with Google. We meet Google’s policies Google has approved the code and complies with ISO / IEC 27018: 2014. Our data server is located in the EU (Dublin) on Amazon AWS which is the market leader in safe data storage. We comply with the EU Data Protection directive We protect our customers’ information from unauthorized access attempts. Our systems are among the safest in the industry and is maintained and monitored at all time.

Personal Data Assistants Agreement (Personuppgiftbiträdesavtal for Sweden)

StudyBee is intended to handle personal information such as assessments and grading. Therefore, the head of a school must sign a Personal data assistant agreement with StudyBee for their users to be able to use our tool. Please contact us for more information.

Installation and working with StudyBee

How do I log in to my Chrome browser

You can also follow our instructions on how to log in to Chrome and install StudyBee here, Get started with StudyBee.

Can I still use StudyBee if Google Classroom is disabled?

StudyBee only works if you are online and logged into Google Classroom. Internet connection is required.

Terms of use and Privacy Policy

When you install StudyBee extension in Chrome, you will approve StudyBee’s Terms of Use by finalizing initial settings and clicking save. You can read our Terms of use here, Terms of Use.

Approve Google states when installing StudyBee

When you install StudyBees extensions for Chrome, you are asked to approve the state (Accesses) for StudyBee extension to communicate with Google Classroom. StudyBee must follow the system that Google provides for these conditions, and StudyBee cannot work without these permits approved.


Where can I go for help?

In the main menu of StudyBee extension, there is a link to StudyBees Tutorial videos. There you can see instructive videos on how to get started. You can also discuss StudyBee with other users on StudyBee’s Facebook page StudyBee UK.

If you have technical problems, please send mail to

How does StudyBee relate to Google Classroom?

StudyBee is an extension for Google Chrome browser that uses Google Classroom’s available API. When you are logged into Google Classroom you automatically log into StudyBee. But StudyBee is a standalone product and not part of G Suite for Education. StudyBee gives educators an easy way to assess in accordance with learning objectives on information put into Google Classroom.

Which platforms are supported by StudyBee?

StudyBee works on Chrome browser on Chrome OS, Mac and Windows.

Is there a StudyBee app I can use on my phone or tablet?

Currently, no app is available but we plan to produce such in the near future.

How is StudyBee installed for every teacher and students in the domain?

Here you can see how you as an admin can be installed for everyone in the domain

Where can I suggest new features?

We at StudyBee develop and add new features continuously. Therefore, we encourage our users to send us feedback and ideas for new features and improvements. Send your thoughts to